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Please read our useful tips on how to successfully participate in our auctions with minimum expenses.

Budget in advance your own personal limit. Do not increase the limit which you have budgeted.
Early bidding is advisable in order to have a better idea of others´ bids.
Before you start participating in an auction, it is recommended to carefully study the auction details, and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions.
Place your bids with gaps not to close to the auctions Max Price.
Try placing more than one unique bid on the leader board.
Keep watching your bids position and status, also your competitor’s bids.
Use the positions of your bids to estimate the value of first position.
If your bid is knocked out of the auction, try repositioning yourself in order to capture first position and win the auction.
After reaching first place secure your bid by placing numerous bids below and eliminating competitor’s bids in order to secure your win.
It is most advisable to be present when the auctions draw to a closure, this way you can bid aggressively or bid tactically to push your unique bids to
     the top of therankings and win the auction.
Take regular breaks between your activates in our auctions.
Do not participate under the influence of alcohol or medication, or if you are in a depressive mood. Only participate when you are fully rested and concentrated.
Take into account that there can only be 1 winner per auction.

Auction Rules:

The auction closes when the “bids quota” and “countdown timer” both reach “0”.
When an auction closes, the highest unique bid, nearest the “max price” wins.
The lowest bid among 4 consecutive ranked bids, by the same bidder, is ruled out.
The lowest bid among 10 bids in the top 50, by the same bidder, is ruled out.


Bid: An offer, pounds and pence, to buy the auctioned product for the stated value.
Unique bid: A bid that only one bidder has offered.
Non-Unique bid: A bid that was offered by more than one bidder.
Highest unique bid: The unique bid which is the closest to the Max price, among all bids.
Ruled out bid: A bid that can no longer participate in the auction.
Bids quota: the amount of bids that remain in the auction before it closes.
Bid Cost: The fee taken for offering a bid.
Max price: the value below which all bids in the auction must be offered.

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